Thanks Bloggers

So much for a relaxing Friday at the office!

I blew away my traffic records over the last few days, thanks to my fellow bloggers. Big ups to Chris Williams of The Register, whose post about my social networking stats commentary triggered thousands of new viewers from across the world! I’ve always liked The Register and now I like it even more!

Major props to some of my other favorite bloggers who have been working their tails off the last few days but managed to throw Creative Capital a bone: the tireless Peter Kafka of Silicon Alley Insider, the Voices section of AllThingsD (cool idea Kara and Walt!) and USA Today’s On Deadline.

I hope everyone gets some rest over the weekend. Next week should be another wild ride with Yahoo! in play. In fact, Henry Blodget recently reported that a “Valley source is hearing that a major private-equity firm was just days away from making its own bid for Yahoo when the Microsoft bomb hit this morning.” Who could it be now?

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