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Hallelujah: Boston NPR Affiliate WBUR Broadcasts Interview

June 6, 2008

At long last, WBUR broadcast the interview I did with Bob Oakes. It’s about five minutes long. Here’s the Web version of the segment. The great thing about NPR is that they allow people tell stories, not soundbites. So my whole approach to the interview was to treat it more like a conversation than a traditional interview.

Lookee here: WBUR blogger Ken George, who mans the ConverStation, even makes fun of me!


Doh! Update on NPR Interview with WBUR

May 26, 2008

If anyone was wondering what happened to that interview with WBUR, the Boston NPR affiliate, it is been taped (with host Bob Oakes) and in the can but the broadast has been slightly pushed back. Producers from WBUR tell me it should hit the airwaves this week hopefully.  Here’s a link to a Web page announcing the interview.

Here’s a snippet from the page:

Pioneering “Creative Capital”
By Bob Oakes

“Creative Capital,” by Spencer Ante BOSTON, Mass. – May 20, 2008 – These days, most start-ups rely on venture capital funding. But before World War Two, investors had to use their own money or borrow from wealthy individuals.

That all changed in 1946, in Boston, where Frenchman Georges Doriot pioneered the high risk — potentially high-reward — venture capital industry.

He never graduated from college or graduate school, but Doriot became an eminent business professor at Harvard University and founded the first publicly traded venture capital firm.

He’s now the subject of a new book, ‘Creative Capital.’ It’s by Business Week journalist Spencer Ante … who joined WBUR’s Bob Oakes from New York.

Their first question: Why did Doriot think it was time to change things?



My First NPR Interview on Boston’s WBUR!

May 17, 2008

Last week Bob Oakes from the NPR affiliate in Boston interviewed me for about 20 minutes about Georges Doriot and Creative Capital. I taped the interview in the WYNC studios on 42nd street, which are pretty sweet. The microphones are so good you can hear yourself breathe. NPR’s Boston station is called WBUR and is at 90.9 on the left of the dial.

The interview is running on Monday morning, May 19, between 7:30am-8:30am. I thought Oakes asked some really good questions but one small warning: I sound a little stuffy since I was still fighting off a cold the day I taped the interview. Hope you Bostonians enjoy it.

For those of you who don’t live in Boston, I plan on publishing a Web-based version of the interview on my blog on Monday after it is posted on WBUR.ORG.