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Twitter Diplomacy: Itinerary of the Tech Delegation to Iraq

June 21, 2009

This week, BusinessWeek published my story on the new strategy of the U.S. State Department to elevate technology to a top priority and use it as a diplomatic tool to help build civill society and spur free markets.

The most visible part of that strategy, until the Iranian presidential elections, was the tech delegation that the government set up in Iraq this past April. Similar delegations are planned for Afghanistan and other places.

I interviewed several of the tech execs who were invited on this trip, including Google’s Hunter Walk, AT&T’s Richard Robbins, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, Howcast’s Jason Liebman, and tech savvy State Dept. official Jared Cohen. Execs from BLueStateDigital, Auttomatic, Meetup and Google also went on the trip.

This new tack we are taking is long overdue and is a great sign that innovation is coming to our foreign policy. Here is the exact itinerary of the delegation–courtesy of my new Scribd account. I found it interesting to see who the techies met with in Iraq.

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