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Exclusive: Apple in Talks with McGraw-Hill, Hachette over Tablet

January 22, 2010

Apple in Talks with McGraw-Hill, Hachette over Tablet
The maker of the iPhone is discussing ways to include McGraw-Hill and Hachette e-book titles on its tablet, due to be introduced Jan. 27

By Spencer E. Ante

Apple is in talks with the McGraw-Hill Companies and Hachette Book Group to include educational and trade titles on its planned tablet computer, according to people familiar with the negotiations.

McGraw-Hill Education, the third largest educational publisher in the U.S. by sales, is discussing getting electronic textbooks and parts of its online learning system onto the tablet, say two people. Apple has also held talks with trade book publisher Hachette Book Group about distributing e-books on the tablet, says one person involved in the discussions.

Apple’s tablet, due to be introduced Jan. 27, is likely to feature content from a wide range of book, magazine, and newspaper publishers, as well as entertainment. “Everyone is expecting e-book capabilities and services,” says Roger Kay, president of Endpoint Technologies Associates. “This generation of tablets is all about the consumer and media consumption.” As it has pushed deeper into consumer electronics, Apple’s strategy is to combine cutting-edge hardware design with access to music, video, games, and other applications.

The company’s interest in educational content underscores the longstanding popularity of Apple products among schools and institutions of higher learning.

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