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Take This Microsoft! Apple Upgrades Mac Computers

October 20, 2009

Check out the Apple scoop from my colleague Arik Hesseldahl, who received an early briefing on their slew of new products.

Preemptive Strike? Apple Upgrades Mac Computers
The Mac laptop and desktop lineups receive a significant upgrade from Apple as Microsoft prepares to introduce Windows 7

By Arik Hesseldahl

Days before archrival Microsoft is set to release the next major version of its flagship computer operating system Windows, Apple unveiled a significant upgrade to its consumer personal computer lines, including a redesigned entry-level laptop and a desktop machine sporting a huge display. The product announcement comes a day after Apple’s earnings report.

Chief among the new releases Oct. 20 is the MacBook, Apple’s $999 entry-level laptop usually aimed at students and first-time Mac buyers. The new machine still sports a polycarbonate shell but now it’s cut from a single piece of material and has rounded edges. And like the higher-end MacBook Pro, the new MacBook also boasts a long-life battery that lasts seven hours and a light-emitting-diode (LED) display.

Apple also updated its consumer desktop lines, including the iMac and the Mac Mini, and added an entry-level server built into a body similar to that of the Mac Mini. The server, for running computer networks and corporate Web sites, is aimed at small businesses and certain high-end consumers.

See the full story and video here.

What Recession?! Apple Holds the Line on MacBook Prices

October 15, 2008

My colleague Peter Burrows, who knows Apple as well anyone journalist, covered the launch of the new Apple MacBooks.

Recession be damned. So far, Apple is holding the line on its premium pricing. Still, Burrows concludes: “There’s more Mac for the money.”

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