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Reinventing Print Media: IDG’s Online Ad Network Gets its Mojo Going

September 8, 2009

Everyone knows the print media is in a world of hurt. The more difficult question is this: What do publishers do about it?

Technology publishing giant IDG just may have come up with one killer idea. And no, the answer does not involve scantily clad women or slide shows touting the best nude beaches.

For IDG, the publishers of hundreds of magazines such as PC World and Macworld, the answer was to go against one of the industry’s most sacred notions and create its own online advertising network–with a major twist. Instead of only selling ads for its own properties, IDG would take advantage of the media’s fragmentation and the shift to online advertising by selling ads for other new media properties. In addition, the network also helps IDG Web sites to grow their audience by syndicating their content across the Web to non-IDG properties. (BusinessWeek, for example, syndicates IDG content on its Web site.)

It’s a bold strategy that seems to be paying off. Peter Longo, CEO of IDG Syndication and Networks, says that its network is currently serving ads to a combined total 75 million unique monthly readers, up from 20 million 18 months ago when it launched the group. Currently, IDG works with about 200 Web sites, including GigaOm, Slashgear, and All told, those sites serve up nearly 750 million ad impressions per month. Revenue is forecast to grow 100% this year, says Longo. 20 syndication partners have signed on to the program as well.

Check out the rest of the post on BusinessWeek’s TechBeat.

Tudou: Chinese Online Video Taking Off

April 29, 2008

Baidu is the Google of China. But who is the YouTube of China? That would be Tudou, of course!

Shanghai-based Tudou had almost 29 million visitors each week in August 2007, more than double the 11.5 million three months earlier, based on the latest data from Nielsen//NetRatings. Tudou’s closest rival is followed by, which are both Chinese-language sites.

And it looks like Tudou could extend its lead now that it raised another $57 million. Although the company did not disclose its investors, reports have said the money came from IDG Technology Venture Investment, Granite Global Ventures, General Catalyst Partners, and a member of the Rockefeller family. (IDG Ventures, Granite Global Ventures and JAFCO Ventures invested in a previous round.) Tudou, which began operations in April 2005, has now raised a total of $85 million.

Chinese folks love online video. China was home to 210 million Internet users at the end of 2007, according to the China Network Information Center. About 77 percent of Web users watched online videos last year, more than doubling from 2006, said the government agency.

But like the search market has shown, Chinese are not gravitating to Western brands online. They want to consume content in their own language made by their own people by and large. This native bias will continue to be a challenge for US-based Internet companies trying to penetrate China.