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Blackberry vs. Apple: The Battle Heats Up

September 11, 2008

Big news in the smartphone wars today. My colleague Arik Hesseldahl broke the news that the makers of the BlackBerry are stepping up efforts to court consumers, further moving onto Apple’s iPhone turf.

On Sept. 11, Research In Motion is unveiling features that make it easier for users to connect to social network MySpace. The Canadian smartphone manufacturer also plans to announce tools that let subscribers control their TiVo video recorders and view programming that’s been saved via Sling Media’s (DISH) Slingbox.

As I’ve said before, I think this battle benefits both Apple and RIMM. Why? Because the increased innovation stemming from the war is generating a lot of excitement and demand for smartphones, growing the overall market more than it would have without the competition.

The other newsflash: Google announced on its Mobile blog that it has released Google Mobile App for BlackBerry, replacing Google Updater for BlackBerry. Google Mobile for Blackberry gives cell phone owners a comprehensive phone app that bundles many key Google features into one streamlined application.

The Google blog says the app will allow consumers to do the following:

* Fast Google search – enter queries without waiting for a browser to load
* Search history – easily access and amend your previous queries
* Google Suggest – complete queries with less typing
* Easy access to Google products for your phone – click once to download and install our applications for BlackBerry, and get immediate access to our web-based services
* Google Apps support – get direct links to your Google Apps Calendar and Documents/Spreadsheets (select Menu, Options, Use Google Apps Domain: yes, and then enter your domain name)
* Update alerts – learn about new versions of downloadable Google mobile applications and upgrade with just one click