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Book Review of Larry Lessig’s REMIX

October 24, 2008

I am a huge admirer and fan of Stanford Law professor Lawrence Lessig. I have followed his writings over the years and have drawn inspiration from his work. He’s made me smarter and more thoughtful, that’s for sure. So it pains me to report that I did not love his new book, REMIX: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy.

On his blog today, Lessig wrote that it “was a tough morning swallowing Spencer’s review. My reaction was — “really, that’s what you see in the book?!” None of the key points that made it worth my writing the book were visible to him (or at least, as evinced by the review). And that, frankly, was astonishing, and astonishingly depressing.”

Maybe I missed something here. Or maybe the doom and gloom of today’s world has so permeated my being that I don’t even realize it, as one commenter on Lessig’s blog noted today. I am not one to easily criticize a new book, especially now that I myself am an author. So I look forward to seeing how other people respond to REMIX. In the spirit of the blogosphere, perhaps I will remix my review after hearing what people have to say.

Heck, I would even welcome a response from Larry. I thought I understood the key points but maybe my head is so clouded with falling stock prices and fear that I didn’t.

Here’s the header of the BW review:

Editor’s Rating: 3 stars out of 5

The Good: A good primer on the debates over copyright in the Digital Age.

The Bad: Like Martin Scorsese doing another mobster flick, Lessig seems uninspired, groping for a fresh take on familiar themes.

The Bottom Line: An uninspired work by an important thinker.

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