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Valleywag Covers Creative Capital’s Launch Party

April 4, 2008

Nicholas Carlson, Valleywag’s NY-based correspondent, was nice enough to drop by my book launch party at the Royalton Hotel last night, along with photographer Elizabeth Borda.

Check out the party pics.

The book buzz seems to get gaining momentum. BusinessWeek is running an excerpt from the book in this week’s issue. Check out an expanded edition of the excerpt online. The excerpt shows how Doriot and American Research and Development orchestrated the venture industry’s first blockbuster stock offering: the IPO of Digital Equipment Corp.

One other upcoming hit: Scott Kirsner from The Boston Globe is writing a story about Creative Capital in this Sunday’s Business section. I am really excited to see the reaction to that story since Doriot lived and worked in Boston during his 60+ years in America.