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Intel Could Be on the Hot Seat (Again)

May 12, 2009

Tech trust-busting is back in vogue in Washington, and the timing couldn’t be worse for chipmaker Intel, says my colleague Aaron Ricadela.

Writes Ricadela: “In a May 11 speech in Washington, D.C., Assistant Attorney General Christine Varney announced a return to “vigorous antitrust enforcement action” by the Justice Dept. The government will “take a new tack” toward redressing monopolistic practices and wield active antitrust enforcement in response to the “economic distress” that can result from uncompetitive markets, Varney told an audience at the Center for American Progress, a liberal policy research group. She also warned courts and parties to lawsuits against invoking the antitrust policies of the Bush Administration, which has been seen as softer than the Clinton Administration in going after allegations of anticompetitive behavior.”

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