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Notes on Apple’s New iPhone and Application Store

July 11, 2008

The first reports about Apple’s new iPhone and Application store are coming in. TechCrunch focused on the top applications that consumers are snapping up. Super Monkey Ball is the top seller, with MLB At Bat in the second slot. So games and sports apps continue to drive the mobile Web.

And Bank of America stock analyst David Barden this morning published his field notes about Apple stores in New York. It appears that demand for the new iPhone is solid but not as exuberant as it was for the initial launch. Kind of what I expected. Check out the field notes:

7:45am NYC apple store location. 60 people in line. First person lined up last night. Doorman says compared to last year this is ‘very relaxed’

8:00am First 20 allowed into the store. Applause from staff. 3-4x normal staff are present

8:05am Store manager appears. He’s optimistic about ATT subscription process. AT&T has not trained their folks, Apple folks practiced on the iTunes website.

8:10am Handfull of print journalists appear and some photographers

8:16am First successful customer emerges. Upgrader from a 2G phone. Said process was smooth but definitely lengthy. About 60 in the store now

8:30am Customers being let in at 5 and 10 increments. Things seem to be moving slowly

8:40am Line has grown now to 250+ covering about 2 sides of the city block, but things moving slowly

AT&T store

8:05am 20 people in the store. About 80 in line. Store staff says bigger than last year.

8:15am Staff having systems problems signing up new AT&T customers. System is crashing. Staff says this is a repeat of last year and ‘was expected’.

8:20am This location has 100 units in inventory, so clearly going to sell out soon. Expecting re-stock delivery later today. Seems strange the stock wouldn’t be on hand if it was available. Expect long lines today.