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Fred Wilson Blogs About Creative Capital

April 16, 2008

Fred Wilson, the co-founder of the New York venture capital firm Union Square Ventures (and an all-around nice and really smart guy), was kind enough to blog about my book this morning on his popular blog, A VC.

Fred, I know you have not received your book yet. But when you do I would be honored to sign it any time you want!

Says Fred:

“Who is the father of modern venture capital? Surely someone from Silicon Valley in the late 60s and early 70s, right? Wrong.

The father of modern venture capital is General Georges Doriot who helped to form and run American Research and Development, the first modern venture capital firm in Boston right after World War II. Doriot also taught at Harvard Business School and was a mentor and teacher to the first generation of Boston VCs who operated in the 60s and 70s.

With all the focus on the bay area and its history as the center of innovation in information technology, Doriot’s contributions are often overlooked. But now we have a new book and a blog, courtesy of Spencer Ante of Business Week.

Ante’s Creative Capital is about Doriot and the start of the venture capital business here in America post world war II. I haven’t read it yet, but I just ordered it on Amazon. Here’s a short excerpt from the Harvard Business School blog. I suspect the readers of this blog are the perfect audience for this book so you should all go check it out.”