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BusinessWeek Launches Blackberry & iPhone Apps

September 1, 2009

Over the last week, BusinessWeek entered the wireless application market and launched its first two apps. Last week, the BusinessWeek for Blackberry app was released, and yesterday we launched an iPhone app.

I have not seen the iPhone app yet but I just downloaded the Blackberry app. To get the app, I would recommend going to this Web site, instead of downloading it from the Blackberry app store. I tried to download it from the app store but it did not work. On the other hand, the Web-based download process worked fine.

The BW app features three main sections: Latest news, a watch-list of stocks, and another channel list that organizes the headlines based on the subject matter (e.g. Top News, Finance, Technology, Innovation, Management, etc.)

The app and stories download fast. The user interface is clear and iis easy to navigate. And the stock ticker feature works, though it was a bit slow when I used it this morning. It is also easy to add stocks to your watch-list by clicking on a link. That’s all good.

For future iterations, I would like to see a tab that zips you to the Most Read or Most Emailed stories of the day. That is one of my favorite features of the Bloomberg app. And it would be cool to be able to watch our videos on the mobile app as well. Congrats to the BW team for launching these apps. I look forward to hearing feedback from users, which you can easily pass along via a link at the bottom of the app.