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Brilliant! Fred Wilson Launches Doriot Quote of the Day

May 28, 2008

Yesterday, Fred Wilson, co-founder of New York venture capital firm Union Square Ventures, began a new feature on his blog called Doriot quote of the day.

Why didn’t I think of this idea!?!?

It’s brilliant because Doriot had a Nietzschian knack for penning catchy and wise aphorisms. Fred also adds my book would “interest most VCs and probably many entrepreneurs too.”

Says Fred:

Doriot Quote Of The Day
I’ve been reading Creative Capital, Spencer Ante’s biography of General Georges Doriot, the father of the modern venture capital business. It’s a book that would interest most VCs and probably many entrepreneurs too. The highlight of the book are Doriot’s colorful quotes. I posted one to my tumblog earlier and I just decided that I am going to post a Doriot quote everyday on this blog until I run out of them. Here’s the first:

A team made up of the younger generation, with courage and inventiveness, together with older men of wisdom and experience, should bring success.

— General Georges Doriot, in the American Research and Development 1949 Annual Report. ARD was the first institutional venture capital firm.