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OMG: New York Times Reviews Creative Capital

June 1, 2008

As a writer, there are certain things you dream about but don’t think will ever happen. One of those long-held fantasies just became a reality today.

The New York Times reviewed my book.

The review, titled “Venture Capital, Before High Tech,” is on page 6 of the Business section, and includes a nice color photo of Creative Capital.

Reviewer Stephen Kotkin called it “a sometimes slow but ultimately satisfying biography of Georges F. Doriot, the transplanted Frenchman who is often called the father of V.C.”

He continues: “Silicon Valley was decades in the future when, as Mr. Ante writes, “Doriot learned how to become a venture capitalist” during World War II. Mr. Ante, an editor at BusinessWeek, explores the Army-business connections, a remarkable trans-Atlantic extended family of colleagues, the rise of high technology and a love story.” Later in the 1020-word review, Kotkin writes that “as the book advances it gathers poignancy.” Yes!

I still can’t believe it even though my publicist at Harvard Business Press gave me the head’s up on Thursday that it was slated to be reviewed in the Sunday paper. I was ecstatic that the book had already received positive reviews in numerous other prestigious publications, such as the Financial Times, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal. But the Times review still carries a special cachet–signaling that the book has crossed over to a truly broad and mainstream audience.

That is all I could ask for. When I set out to do this project, I wanted to restore and revive Doriot’s reputation as one of the 20th century’s most visionary and important characters. With all the attention the book is receiving, I feel as if I have accomplished this goal and it’s very gratifying.

So thanks to everyone–friends, family, colleagues, strangers–who helped me get the word out. All that hard work is paying off in spades!