Area Man from Danville, Calif. Likes Creative Capital, Says So on

A new reader of “Creative Capital” recently published a review of the book on Thomas M. Loarie, Danville, California, wrote that “Creative Capital” is “the best read to date for me on the venture capital (VC) industry. In it, author Spencer Ante reconstructs what it was that made it an economic engine for the United States and the envy of the world. ”

Thanks Thomas!!! It’s nice to know that two years after its publication, the book is still striking a chord with readers.

Thomas continues: “While the book is centered on Georges Doriot, it weaves numerous themes from beginning to end
* the creation of the European automobile industry
* the imperfections of the US capitalist system, first with a shortage of capital for young companies then with the difficulty of regulatory agencies grasping a new, potent business model
* the rise of Harvard as the world’s leading graduate school of business
* the creation of INSEAD, Europe’s leading graduate business school
* the application of science and technology to the art of war
* the proactive involvement of a teacher as a mentor to students in and out of the classroom
* a lifelong storybook romance
* the creation and evolution of the venture capital industry
* and the value of living one’s life to better oneself, his/her family, and society.

Click here to read the rest of the review.


One Response to “Area Man from Danville, Calif. Likes Creative Capital, Says So on”

  1. Thomas Loarie Says:

    You did a great job with “Creative Capital.” I do a fair amount of public speaking on the world of start-ups and ventures and will be referring the audience to this book when appropriate. Make sure you vote on my review. Your vote and that of others helps me to maintain my ranking.

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