My New Gig: Joining the Wall Street Journal as Deputy Bureau Chief

One door closes and another opens. What’s really neat is when the transition happens quickly and smoothly.

And so …. I am thrilled to announce that I will be joining the Wall Street Journal as Deputy Bureau Chief of its New York Corporate Bureau, starting April 12. Keith Kelly of the New York Post wrote up an item about my new gig in today’s Media Ink column.

This is a new bureau that was formed this January to oversee reportage of big companies such as General Electric, IBM, Procter & Gamble, and several big beats, including telecommunications, New York retail and fashion, and recruiting and management.

“We formed the New York corporate group to focus on the importance and raise the visibility of the main corporate beats that the Journal covers. This group will also help to strengthen the cooperation between Newswires and Journal reporters,” said Robert Thomson, editor-in-chief of Dow Jones & Company and managing editor of The Wall Street Journal, announcing the formation of the bureau.

I will be reporting to Bureau Chief Andrew Dowell, and have a few big priorities:

1. Supervising telecom coverage as a writer and editor
2. Helping to beef up coverage of big tech companies in the region such as IBM, EMC and RIMM
3. Covering New York’s entrepreneurial scene of startups and venture capitalists
4. Helping to beef up’s Digits blog through editing and reporting

I loved working at BusinessWeek for the last decade. And now I am stoked to join the Wall Street Journal at this unique time. Under New Corp., there’s a lot of energy and excitement pulsing through the newsroom as the Journal pursues an ambitious expansion. I hope to play one small part in making a great place even greater. Onward . . .

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7 Responses to “My New Gig: Joining the Wall Street Journal as Deputy Bureau Chief”

  1. Former BW editor to join Wall Street Journal « Talking Biz News Says:

    […] more here. Ante was an associate editor at BusinessWeek before leaving a month […]

  2. John Taylor Says:

    Congrats. The WSJ team is lucky to have snagged you. Let us know how we can help.

  3. Leonardo von P Says:

    Kudos to you Spencer. You deserve it and I am sure you’ll make the WSJ even more worthwhile a read.

  4. Ed Barbini Says:

    congratulations on the new gig, Spencer…. looking forward to working with you (again, and again, and.,,,,,,)


  5. tim Akin Says:

    Spencer, Congratulations – WSJ knows talent when it sees it. Keep up the great work . . . Cheers, Tim Akin

  6. Tim Akin Says:

    Spencer, congrats, wonderful news. WSJ knows talent when it sees it. Keep up the great work. Best, Tim

  7. Spencer Ante Says:

    Thx for the kind words everyone!!!

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