Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom: New Blogs by My Former BusinessWeek Peeps

One of the upsides of the epic decline of print media is seeing the new paths taken by many seasoned journalists. I am watching this transformation take place right here at BusinessWeek, where some of my former colleagues have recently launched new blogs or turned pre-existing ones into their main outlet.

Here’s a sampling:

* Mandel on Innovation and Growth: BusinessWeek’s former chief economist Mike Mandel recently launched a new blog dedicated to covering innovation, growth, economic statistics and commentary on economic and financial reporting.

* Globespotting: Former BusinessWeek senior writer Steve Hamm has moved his globespotting blog over to a new address on WordPress.com. Hamm has also joined IBM as a communications strategist.

*Business Books Guy: BusinessWeek’s former book editor Hardy Green has launched a new blog about the book industry, with a focus on the subject Green knows very well, business books.

*The Numerati: BusinessWeek’s former senior writer Steve Baker has continued to publish the blog he launched for his book. It’s a tech-oriented site focusing on the data explosion and its repercussions for business, politics, culture, etc.

Update: I just found out about one new blog by Joseph Weber, BW’s former chief of correspondents. Weber is now an associate professor of journalism at the University of Nebraska and has started a new blog called Wide-Eyed Wonder.


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4 Responses to “Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom: New Blogs by My Former BusinessWeek Peeps”

  1. Alain Yap Says:

    Need some blog edits, Spencer. The correct Steve Hamm blog link is http://www.globespotting.net/.

    Thanks heaps for this info. Followed each one of you on Twitter now. This is education happening for me right here across continents. Sadly, the beauty of this connection has an adverse effect on publishing and for the people who earn their living directly from it.

    Again, thank you for contributing your time and skills for us readers who can only afford to pay with respect and support for now.


  2. Joe Weber Says:

    Thanks for taking note of my blog and those of our other brethren. Interesting trendlet of former BW folks taking to the Net. Perhaps many of us are a little late to the party, but we can still make it swing.
    Happy new year to you.

  3. Spencer Ante Says:

    Your welcome. Good luck in your new endeavors! Glad to see you are drinking the digital media Kool Aid. 😉

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