This is What Verizon’s Largest Marketing Campaign Buys

Last Thursday, I went down to Union Square in downtown New York City and ran into Verizon’s marketing juggernaut for its new Droid phone.

The new Motorola device, which was released today to the general public, is being supported by the single largest marketing campaign that Verizon has ever launched for a single device.

So what does all that money buy? Well, lots of glitzy TV commercials but also some cheesy live marketing events. As I got off the train at Union Square, I noticed a long line of about 75 people. The people were waiting to get the chance to play a game in which you could scoop up a Droid phone in one of those boardwalk games with the little hand-operated cranes. All that was missing was a carnival barker shouting into a megaphone with a monkey perched on his shoulder.


Verizon is clearly pulling out all the stops to turn the Droid into a hit. And so far, it seems to be working.


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5 Responses to “This is What Verizon’s Largest Marketing Campaign Buys”

  1. Trent Says:

    Verizon is clearly pulling out all the stops?? 75 people playing with a machine?? Ahh…are you serious. Verizon is targeting geeks with their ads…waste of money Verizon…they’re already sold. Might want to open up your campaign to a wider net if you want to take on Apple.

  2. Spencer Ante Says:

    Admittedly, it’s a small thing. But it does show you that the company is experimenting with a lot of different marketing tricks.

  3. Spencer Ante Says:

    And this is the kind of thing that it isn’t targeted to geeks. Most of the people on line were not 20 something geeks. They were older folks, and a bunch of women.

  4. isnain Says:

    good article… 🙂

  5. Hartono Says:

    nice info 😀

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