Will Google’s Wave Replace E-Mail—and Facebook?

I am back from Cali. Here’s a great story on Google wave from my colleague Olga Kharif.

Will Google’s Wave Replace E-Mail—and Facebook?
That’s how big Google’s vision is for its Wave social-networking/search service, which will have apps created by independent developers who sell them at a Google app store
By Olga Kharif

Google has big plans for Google Wave, its new online communication service—and they won’t all come from Google.

The Web search giant is hoping that software developers far and wide will create tools that work in conjunction with Wave, making an already multifaceted service even more useful. Google (GOOG) is even likely to let programmers sell their applications through an online bazaar akin to Apple’s App Store, the online marketplace for games and other applications designed for the iPhone. “We’ll almost certainly build a store,” Lars Rasmussen, the Google software engineering manager who directs the 60-person team in Sydney, Australia, that created Wave, told BusinessWeek.com. “So many developers have asked us to build a marketplace—and we might do a revenue-sharing arrangement.”

Combining instant messaging, e-mail, and real-time collaboration, Wave is an early form of so-called real-time communication designed to make it easier for people to work together or interact socially over the Internet. Google started letting developers tinker with Wave at midyear and then introduced the tool on a trial basis to about 100,000 invited users starting on Sept. 30. Invitations were such a hot commodity that they were being sold on eBay (EBAY). For Google the hope is that Wave, once it’s more widely available, will replace competing communications services such as e-mail, instant messaging, and possibly even social networks such as Facebook.

Read the rest of the story here.

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2 Responses to “Will Google’s Wave Replace E-Mail—and Facebook?”

  1. Mark Montgomery Says:

    Interesting piece — we’ll see how it evolves. Google is at a place now similar to MSFT was a decade ago when media world wide covers every move it seems. Combine that with internal promotions and navigation & they command a great deal of traffic, particularly anything free. That said, I’ve tested quite a few applications now and find them to be far less satisfying than the core search engine, particularly for business use, and their revenues reflect much the same. .02- MM

    • Spencer Ante Says:

      True that Google seems on the verge of becoming the next Microsoft, in terms of industry leadership and buzz. But Google’s business seems to be in a stronger position than Microsoft’s was 10 years ago. Still, I agree Google needs to prove that it can be more than a one-trick pony when it comes to its business model.

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