At Amazon, Marketing Is for Dummies

Here is a story I wrote in this week’s Top 100 Brands cover story about Amazon’s counter-intuitive and very effective branding strategy.

At Amazon, Marketing Is for Dummies
Instead of lavish ads, it invests in technology and distribution—and the results are startlingly effective
By Spencer E. Ante

The world’s best-known companies typically spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year on advertising and marketing to build their brands.

Not The giant online retailer has created one of the world’s strongest brands by eschewing conventional tactics. Instead of shelling out big bucks for lavish trade shows and TV and magazine ads, Amazon pours money into technology for its Web site, distribution capability, and good deals on shipping. The result: a smooth shopping experience that burnishes the company name. “It is pretty unprecedented that their brand has ascended so quickly without a large marketing budget,” says Hayes Roth, chief marketing officer at brand consultant Landor Associates. “It’s not about splaying their logo everywhere. They are all about ease of use.”

Check out the rest of my BusinessWeek story here.

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4 Responses to “At Amazon, Marketing Is for Dummies”

  1. Van Diamandakis Says:

    Spencer–Agreed. Amazon’s store massive online store front and good customer experience is a big part of their brand. I would add that they have done a great job on search engine marketing so that when you are looking for a product to buy via google, Amazon shows up at the top of search engine results. Also, they have generated a ton of positive PR over the years, now with articles showing up everyday on their cloud computing business, EC2 and S3.

    I think is another example of a company that doesn’t do a lot of traditional marketing, but seems to be building their brand (and business) fast.

    • Spencer Ante Says:

      Yeah, Amazon’s SEO is amazingly effective. BUt they also have big Google juice b/c so many people click on and link to their content.

  2. Travel Cots Says:

    Very true. That’s actually one of the reasons I shop with Amazon: no BS hype, good prices, doesn’t sponsor some crappy sports team I don’t care about.

  3. Elmira Remiszewski Says:

    Awesome blog…gave up on most years back, stick with

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