First Thursday Recap: Lapham, Fish, Margolick, Frommer Rock the House

Big ups to my First Thursday co-hosts BusinessWeek’s Arik Hesseldahl and Lynn Parramore of New Deal 2.0 and RecessionWire. Last night, we resumed our monthly get-together at a new location near Union Square and had a fabulous time.

Dan Frommer and Jay Yarow from The Business Insider showed up early and yukked it up. Frommer reports that Business Insider is up to 20 people now but the mostly young men who staff the joint are crestfallen over their departure from the Gilt offices, which are stocked with pretty young things.

It was a pleasure to meet David Margolick, formerly of Vanity Fair and Portfolio, for the first time. Margolick reports that he recently joined Newsweek. It was also nice to see my felllow Berkeley alum Jeff Kearns, who arrived after closing a big stock market wrap-up for Bloomberg.

Speaking of Bloomberg, the financial services and information provider was the talk of the night after a story by the New York Post’s Keith Kelly reported late Thursday that Bloomberg was in the bidding for my employer BusinessWeek. The consensus among the 30 or so journalists who attended First Thursday was that it could make a great pairing.

Personally, I’ve always felt that Bloomberg and BusinessWeek made the best strategic fit of any merger partner. We can provide Bloomberg with a top-notch consumer brand and a stable of world-class journalists who can help Bloomberg raise their journalistic game. And Bloomberg could potentially be a great parent if they invest in the operation and bring their business and technology savvy to our enterprise.

The biggest and most pleasant surprise of the evening was when Lewis Lapham and Hamilton Fish arrived to have a few cocktails. Lapham, the legendary former editor of Harper’s magazine, showed up brandishing a copy of his new love, Lapham’s Quarterly. The idea is to set loose the world’s best writers, from today and the past, on a single topic. The current issue was a fine looking thick journal exploring the theme of medicine with articles from Barbara Ehrenreich and Hippocrates. Cool!

Hamilton Fish, the former publisher of The Nation who now runs the Nation Institute, had a smile on his face. He was stoked to report that Nation Books author and Institute fellow Max Blumenthal’s new book, Republican Gomorrah: Inside the Movement That Shattered the Party, was zooming up the best-seller lists. As for a few minutes ago, the book was No. 8 on the

Congrats to Hamilton and Max.


One Response to “First Thursday Recap: Lapham, Fish, Margolick, Frommer Rock the House”

  1. Alex Says:

    Spencer, looks like an awesome time. Do a West Coast versions!

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