CALL FOR ENTRIES: The World’s Most Intriguing New Businesses

BusinessWeek is excited to announce a new editorial project to showcase the most intriguing new businesses on the planet.

To identify these new businesses, we want to tap the brains of our readers and the public at large. So we invite you to send us your ideas.

What defines most intriguing? To us, that means new enterprises that generate the most interest or fascination; the businesses that are working hard to solve the world’s most important problems. The game-changers that make you say, “Wow, that’s really interesting.” They don’t necessarily have to be the fastest growing or the most well-known or the most financially successful businesses, though those are desirable qualities.

These businesses could be for-profit ventures or they could be non-profit. They could come from any industry. However, they should not be more than three years old.

Twitter is a perfect example of an intriguing business. The Internet communications tool is having a huge impact on business and politics but it is not yet profitable. Kiva, a Web service that enables individuals to make small loans to one another, is example of an intriguing enterprise in the non-profit arena.

We will place a premium on those companies that readers may not know. We think that will make the list more interesting, useful and surprising.

Over the next month we invite you to send us your best ideas and examples. The deadline for your submissions is Friday Sep. 25. Your entry should contain no more than 200 words and describe the name of the company, contact info, a description of the business and what makes it most intriguing.

Please post your entry on the following Web page:

Thanks in advance for your interest and help. We look forward to hearing from you. And please spread the word. We want to get as many good ideas as is humanly possible!

Spencer Ante
Associate Editor

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