Is Print Dead? Come See My TiE Panel

Good news: I am moderating a panel at the TiEcon 2009 conference in Silicon Valley on May 15. For those who don’t know, TiE is the world’s largest organization dedicated to entrepreneurship with membership spread across 48 chapters in 11 countries. TiE’s premier annual event is the largest convention in the world dedicated to entrepreneurs. Thousands of folks will be in attendance.

This year, the theme of the conference couldn’t be more timely: The BOLD Entrepreneur. So the event is all about looking for ways to build a business during tough times–a theme I’ve been wring about frequently the last few months.

See my panel info below:

Consumer Web – Is Print Dead?

Friday, May 15, 2009
10: 30 AM – 11:45 AM

Massive layoffs and bankruptcies. Reduced publishing and shifted web-print balance. Clustering, consolidations, and outright closings. All in 2008, the future of our greatest news sources is in flux. Are these brilliant opportunities disguised as insoluble problems? Our panelists will discuss and debate an issue that effects you at home and at work: what, if anything, can save the print industry?

TiE Host(s):
Suneel Gupta

Spencer E. Ante, Business Week

Sab Kanaujia, NBC Universal
Sumant Mandal, Clearstone Venture Partners
Alan Mutter
Robert Rosenthal, Center for Investigative Reporting
Mike Smith, Media Management Center – Kellogg

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4 Responses to “Is Print Dead? Come See My TiE Panel”

  1. May Says:

    I wonder if Sab will make a fool out of himself and NBC again.

  2. May Says:

    Anybody? Did he embarrass NBC again?

  3. Peter Says:

    Actually, Sab was the most impressive of the bunch. They should have put more guys like him on the panel instead of a bunch of 60+ guys who are still living the old age of newspapers w/o any clue on the emergence of digital media.

  4. Augusta Attorneys Says:

    Sab was very impressive actually. That first go round with NBC must have been embarrassing though. lol

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