Why Did Facebook Oust Chief Financial Officer Gideon Yu?

I just posted a blog entry on Gideon Yu’s departure from Facebook on the BW blog TechBeat.

Here it is.

Very surprising news out today in Silicon Valley. Facebook has let go of its chief financial officer Gideon Yu, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Facebook spokesman Larry Yu confirmed to BusinessWeek that CFO Yu will be leaving the company.

Now the big question is why?

The WSJ’s Jessica Vascellaro speculates in her story that the company needs to get a new CFO because it is thinking of going public more sooner than expected. The search for a replacement, she writes, is “likely to renew speculation that Facebook, which has previously said it hopes to go public within the next few years, is stepping up plans to do so despite the rocky economy.”

Click here to read the rest of the story.

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