Can the Newspaper Industry Be Saved?

Here is my first video upload on YouTube. I have created a new account called NYCSpencerAnte to upload video related to my book Creative Capital, and my work as a journalist and blogger.

Let me know what you think of the new video format. Is it too long? Too short? Just right?

Correction: In the video I cited InfoWeek but I should have said InfoWorld. In 2007, InfoWorld went to a pure digital format, but InformationWeek still sends out a print issue every week.

Check out this story by Steve Lohr of the New York Times describing the successful transition of InfoWorld to pure digital.

3 Responses to “Can the Newspaper Industry Be Saved?”

  1. Dan Green Says:

    Spencer –

    Great piece, and definitely of interest to those of us in PR. I think this was just the right length, and dedicating two to three minutes to a topic works perfectly. Keep them coming!


  2. Spencer Ante Says:

    Wow–thanks Dan! I agree that these segments are best kept under 3 minutes.

    Next time I am going to try to get it down to 2 minutes, from the current 2:35 seconds.

  3. Suzette Sexton Says:

    Great, highly informative video. Length is perfect. Loved your dig of the Chicago Trib…In addition to the many corrupt gov officials to report on, this town does have a thriving business community. As the paper shrinks, its harder by the day to get the eye of the few reporters left in the Trib biz section.

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