History of U.S. Innovation and Venture Capital: Podcast of My Stanford University Talk

Check out a podcast of my talk from last week on the history of American innovation from Stanford Technology Ventures Program Entrepreneurship Corner, which publishes podcasts from the school’s Entrepreneurial Thought Leader Seminar Series.

The podcast runs about an hour and includes about 40 minutes of my talk, plus 15 minutes of questions and answers from those smarty-pants Stanford students as well as a few older folks in attendance, including a cool new entrepreneur/VC I met afterwards named Manu Kumar. Click here to listen to or download the podcast.

I have been getting a lot of positive feedback on the talks I gave in the Valley last week, including this one. I think the main reason is that I am sort of a contrarian who believes that great companies and innovations can emerge from a downturn. Let me know what you think if you listen to the podcast.

As one venture capitalist who attended a talk I gave at Quadrus, put it: “Thanks so much for putting the event together and for the invitation; it was inspiring to remind VCs to focus on the heart of entrepreneurship (vs. Being financial asset managers).”

[The Sierra Nevada mountain range from my plane window flying home.]

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One Response to “History of U.S. Innovation and Venture Capital: Podcast of My Stanford University Talk”

  1. Come Lague Says:

    Spencer, I very much enjoyed your talk at Quadrus and hearing about the roots of venture capital and your contrasts with today’s venture industry.

    I manage a micro-cap fund which aims to return back to these roots, investing small amounts in thrifty entrepreneurs who can prove out their concept with less capital and decrease risks by doing so.

    Your talk inspired me to do a post on my blog about what micro-cap is all about. You can see it here:


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