Creative Capital Gets Ink in Mass High Tech

On Friday, Creative Capital picked up a nice review in Mass High Tech, a weekly publication covering business news of the New England high tech industry. MHT claims to be the largest regional technology publication in the country, with a circulation of 18,000.

Here’s the beginning of the review:

Two books look back at early Mass. tech leaders

With the relentless flow of bad-to-worse to even-worse business news in 2008, it is perhaps not surprising that two new books with regional relevance avoided the limelight last year. For Mass High Tech readers, though, they should be of special interest.

One is a memoir from the indomitable Leo Beranek (the second B in BBN Technologies, the company that helped build and run the ARPANET) spanning his Iowa farm boy childhood in the era of the Model T — he is 95 — up to his continued role as a 21st century acoustician. Then there is Creative Capital: George Doriot and the Birth of Venture Capital by Spencer Ante (Harvard Business School Press, 2008), the long-overdue biography of the Frenchman who set down roots in Boston and, among other accomplishments, pretty much invented the modern venture capital industry.

Check out the rest of the review here.

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One Response to “Creative Capital Gets Ink in Mass High Tech”

  1. sscheper Says:

    Here’s a Doriot sighting in the video Venture Capital 2009:

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