Update: Qwest Does Block Internet Traffic (In Rare Cases)

Last August, I reported that Qwest did not block or constrict Internet traffic. That’s what I was told by Steve Davis, Qwest’s senior vice president of public policy.

In December, an individual with the handle Bob Dobbs posted a comment on my blog alleging that Qwest did in fact block Internet traffic. As an example, Dobbs said “access to the popular torrent tracker, thepiratebay.org is blocked on Qwest.”

It turns out that Bob was half right. Just recently, Qwest spokeswoman Kate Oravez told me via email that the company does not block thepiratebay.org.

However, Oravez said that Qwest does block consumer Internet traffic “in rare cases to protect the network or to block access to web sites that the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has identified.”

Examples of blocking cited by the company include:

* When a customer is redirected to our Customer Internet Protection Program.

* When we need to protect our network and our customers against malicious traffic in very rare cases for Internet wide events such as the Slammer worm.

* When traffic is going to web sites that the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has identified that contain child pornography.

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6 Responses to “Update: Qwest Does Block Internet Traffic (In Rare Cases)”

  1. Georgie Poogie Says:

    Qwest indeed blocks and shapes thepiratebay.org site. It does this specifically by blocking the site torrents.thepiratebay.org from access by your browser so that you will not be able to download the actual torrent file.
    When you cannot download any file with the torrent format, it is essentially the same as blocking p2p traffic.

  2. Unhappy Qwest User Says:

    All I know is, I use an anonymizer proxy to get to the piratebay.org, the site comes up for me, johnny on the spot.

    I try connecting directly to it, and it times out and doesn’t load. Mysterious, innit?

    They also do this to competitor websites too. I try connecting directly to it, it won’t load. Go through a proxy, whaddyaknow, it loads.

    Less than happy with Qwest, less than thrilled. Would not recommend them to friends or family, especially if they have choices.

  3. dirt Says:

    all routers from qwest block port 80 mostly used for p2p

  4. upsetcustomer Says:

    I have no problem with thepiratebay.com, or downloading the torrent files. What qwest does do it stop the tracker from thepiratebay so the torrent files remain “stalled” once loaded into uTorrent. They apparently do not do this at all times, maybe it is time/date dependent. FYI, If I download the torrent file from another source after deleting thepiratebay tracker/file, it downloads fine.

  5. J.B K. Says:

    Qwest also appears to block websites that they think use too much traffic. For instance, local radio station warm1069.com, which streams non-stop christmas music, is unavailable through qwest, but reachable from anywhere else.

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