Book News & Good Reads

Apologies for not posting that much lately. In New York, the pace slows down in December. And the imperatives of the holiday season take over. (Yes, I am a last-minute gift getter!)

First, some good news on the book front. I have been invited to give a talk at Stanford University’s Entrepreneurial Thought Leader Seminar next Feb. 4. I am really excited about that invite given the high quality of speakers (Vinod Khosla, Judy Estrin and Guy Kawasaki recently spoke) and the role that Stanford has played in the birth of Silicon Valley.

I have also been invited to give a talk at my alma mater–UC Berkeley. On Feb. 5, I will be speaking at the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation of Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.

Finally, I want to give a few shout-outs to my colleagues at BusinessWeek who wrote some great stories this week illustrating our global reach and collective intelligence. Check out the following:

* New York online writer Arik Hesseldahl’s Tech Trends to Expect in 2009
* European correspondent Jennifer Schenker’s piece, Alcatel-Lucent’s Perpetual Turnaround
* Silicon Valley bureau writer Peter Burrows on Elevation Partners problems with its Palm investment.

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