Newark and the Future of Crime Fighting

Mayor Cory Booker is betting that cutting-edge technology will reduce crime and spark an economic renaissance. But are citizens giving up too much privacy?

Read my story and decide for yourself. Extra bonus: We published a video of my interview with Mayor Booker.

I’ve seen this technology up close and let me tell you: Big brother is finally here. The question is: Do some troubled cities need Big Brother to watch over them? I’m not sure but Newark just might be one of them.

A few years from today, surveillance technology will be as commonplace as traffic lights. So now is the time to debate the proper place and role for these powerful tools.

In fact, today at the Democratic National Convention, the U.S. Conference on Mayors is holding a press conference on the need for more federal investment in crime fighting as crime rates rise across the nation. The Mayor of Miami Manny Diaz is holding a press conference with the city’s police chief at 2:30 pm in Denver.

Here’s a link to the press release.


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