India Recognizes Creative Capital

Hey folks,
Just got back from a much-needed break yesterday. A few days ago, my publicist from Harvard Business Press told me the cool news that my book landed a great review in the Business Standard, one of India’s leading business publications.

I am stoked about this since India is emerging as one of the next great centers of entrepreneurship and venture capital. When I wrote the book, I hoped it would catch on in India and China. And now that seems to be happening.

The reviewer, Gaurav Dalmia, really got the book and made some insightful points. Said Dalmia:

“The book is a great tome for anyone who is interested not just in private equity, but in the general world of investments, on innovation, on entrepreneurship, on study of great achievers, on economic history, and for anyone who needs an adrenaline rush!”

“The lesson to be learnt from the stories of businesses in this book is that external factors and circumstances do not determine the winners and losers in business, management does! In case after case, business conditions fluctuated almost equally for the automotive sector or the IT sector. The winners were decided by how they played, how they anticipated the future, how they adapted, how they rebounded from lost bets, and how driven were the people behind them.


This is more than a book about venture capital. It is a story of human endeavours, human adventure and human faults. It is about entrepreneurship. It is a virtual Management 101 course. It has insights only history can provide. It is a great book to read, and I just wish it went beyond Doriot.”

Click here to see the full review.

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