Le Web: Fred Wilson on French Startups

Fred Wilson has been writing some really interesting posts about the state of the French startup scene.

Fred met with 16 startups and he concluded that there’s quite a bit of tech mojo in France:

“What that list tells me is that Parisian entrepreneurs are as up to speed on where the current opportunities as much as anyone in silicon valley, NYC, or anywhere else in the world. I’ve talked a lot about this lately, but globalization means that the word travels fast. Don’t think that the most interesting mobile games or iPhone apps will be built in Silicon Valley or even the US. Some will. Many won’t be.”

Since Georges Doriot was a French immigrant, I am particularly interested in learning about this topic. I think Doriot would be thrilled to read that his home country was starting to revive its entrepreneurial juices. Check out his post here.

These are some of the startups he highlighted:

ulik.com – social service for entertainment focused on ratings
wixi.com – invite only service for sharing music and video
twitrss – a mobile RSS reader in early alpha that uses twitter for sms alerts
yoowalk – a virtual world built entirely in flash available via a web browser
mypronostic.com – prediction marketplace

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2 Responses to “Le Web: Fred Wilson on French Startups”

  1. leafar Says:

    I’ve helped open the door of the french scene using the OpenCoffeeFrance and i’ll be happy to do the same for you if you want to “digg” that topic.

    Leafar aka Raphael Labbé
    U.[lik) founder

  2. Spencer Ante Says:

    Thanks Leafar. I will definitely check out OpenCoffeeFrance.

    If you are in NYC, ping me or drop by the BW office.

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