It’s Official: Microsoft and Icahn in Cahoots

Compared to last week’s non-stories about continuing talks between Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL and just about any other company with a pulse, yesterday’s news that Carl Icahn and Microsoft have been talking about teaming up to take over Yahoo is a REAL STORY.

This is the first time that these two parties have publicly commented and supported each other in their efforts to get Yahoo to sell all or part of itself to Microsoft. See Carl’s letter here.

And see Microsoft’s confirmation of their talks with Icahn.

The development raises the chances that Icahn could get his slate of directors voted onto Yahoo’s board. Until today’s news, that coup seemed like more of a long-shot. But now that Steve Ballmer has said that Microsoft is interested in restarting talks to acquire some or all of Yahoo–only if the company’s board is replaced at next month’s annual meeting–the odds of the coup surely went up.

Now the big investors must decide who to vote for. And there have been reports that big shareholders are seriously considering to back Icahn’s slate.

Stay tuned for next week’s episode for As The Web Turns….

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