Ludacris Wants to Make You an Online Star

This week, rapper/actor Chris “Ludacris” Bridges dropped by the BusinessWeek office to plug his new online music venture, WeMix. My colleague Catherine Holahan interviewed him and his co-founder Matthew Apfel.

It’s a pretty interesting mash-up of MySpace and American Idol. The idea is that aspiring musicians can post their music on the site and get feedback from the community. The best part is that the artists who receive the most votes for favorite song get a chance to collaborate with Ludacris and other professional musicians to turn their demos into fresh high-quality tracks. “There’s a couple of artists that I’m already thinking of signing,” Ludacris tells BusinessWeek.


To date, the site claims more than 30,000 original songs have been posted on the site and there are well over 35,000 users.

The site’s co-founder, Matthew Apfel, an entrepreneur who is the former head writer of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire,” says the venture has received angel funding. He also said the company is in talks with various venture capitalists to do an A round of financing. “They’re calling all the time,” says Apfel of the VCs. One advantage of bringing Ludacris and his star power: Apfel says WeMix doesn’t have to spend hardly any money on marketing since Ludacris is such a great spokesman.

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