The New Bar Money: Amazon’s Associates Program

In mid-February, I joined’s Associates program, an affiliate marketing system that lets you receive referral fees for sellling Amazon products. Around the same time, I had bought a bunch of Google keywords. Google is a great marketing vehicle but it has one flaw: There was no way to track sales conversion, or the rate at which people who clicked on my Google text ads actually bought the product I was selling.

That’s what led me to Amazon Associates. I became a member of the program because it allowed me to track sales of my book by placing a bit of Amazon referral code on my blog. So after two months here are the results. I sold nine copies of Creative Capital and two other books, netting $13.13 in referral fees.

Clearly, it’s not enough to pay the rent but it is good enough for a few drinks at the bar. Another interesting point: The conversion rate is pretty high. Out of the 54 people who clicked on the link to my book on Amazon, 11 chose to make a purchase. That comes out to 20.37% conversion rate–an incredibly high rate. To me that shows the power of a blog. People who visit your blog are really motivated to make a purchase. See the report below from Amazon:

Earnings Report Totals
January 25, 2008 to April 25, 2008

Items Shipped Revenue Referral Fees
Total Items Shipped 10 $210.04 $12.17
Total Third Party Items Shipped 1 $16.00 $0.96
Total Items Shipped 11 $226.04 $13.13
Total Items Returned 0 $0.00 $0.00
Total Refunds 0 $0.00 $0.00
TOTAL REFERRAL FEES 11 $226.04 $13.13

HOW TO BUY CREATIVE CAPITAL: To pre-order Creative Capital and get a 34% discount, click here and go to Amazon

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2 Responses to “The New Bar Money: Amazon’s Associates Program”

  1. purewebdev Says:

    I used my amazon associate’s money for a car (used). I hope to turn it into house money soon. Good luck with your sales, should be up with all the holiday shopping.

  2. Spencer Ante Says:

    Wow, purewebdev, I can only dream of making that much money from Amazon!

    What kind of car did you buy?

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