My First Amazon Customer Review–5 Stars!

My friend Julie Chang posted a review of Creative Capital this week. And honest to god, I did not put her up to it, nor did I pay her!

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WWII and Venture Capital History Lovers – A MUST READ!!!!, April 22, 2008
By J. Chang (New York, NY) – See all my reviews

Americans always talk of saving France during WWII, yet at the same time, here was an intriguing French immigrant who rose to be a top professor of entrepreneurship at Harvard Business School, a founder of the venture capital industry, founder of INSEAD the European business school and to top it all off- played a critical role in saving countless American lives in WWII by leading the innovation and production of quality military equipment and supplies.

Ante’s portrait is one of a driven maverick, visionary and Renaissance man who made an astonishing contribution to the war effort and modern business culture, and yet he seems very human and at times poignant. I was especially moved by Doriot’s tireless passion in helping American soldiers as well has his 48-year marriage to his wife Edna and how they spent their last years together.

I loved this book because it’s such an unusual and valuable contribution to our understanding of the 20th century. Doriot has been an unsung hero in many ways, and by bringing his life into focus, Ante weaves people and international events in a way that makes us see our world as ever more fascinating, multi-faceted and interconnected.

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