Gordon College Aims to Build Ken Olsen Science Center

Gordon College, a small Christian college in Massachusetts, is in the beginning stages of building The Ken Olsen Science Center. The College’s most ambitious building endeavor to date, the Center will be an 80,000 sq. ft. science and technology center to be built in two phases at the heart of its campus. It’s the first time that Olsen has allowed his name to be used on a building.

As part of my research, I worked with Gordon College exec Dan Tymann to access the Ken Olsen archives at the school. The Gordon College blog wrote up a little item about this on Friday.

In 2003 Olsen, a long-time trustee of the college, made a generous gift commitment to initiate the Science Center. “Even though I have been an entrepreneur, I have always been a scientist first and foremost,” Olsen says. “Science is more than a study of molecules and calculations; it is the love of knowledge and the continued search for truth. The study of the sciences promotes humility, leaving us with a clear sense that we will never understand all there is to know. At the same time, science provides a defense for truth, authenticates Christianity and stems from the nature of God.”

Learn more about the center and how to donate to the campaign if you want.


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