Meeting Sir Richard Branson (and Giving Him Creative Capital)

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure and honor to meet Sir Richard Branson for the first time. I was one of several journalists invited by Brew Media Relations to attend a dinner for Sir Richard at the Spotted Pig tied to the release of his new company, Virgin Charter.

Sir Richard had just flew in from India where he had just overseen the launch of Virgin Mobile in India. For someone who is so wealthy and famous, I was surprised by how down to earth Branson seemed. Sure, he’s got an ego but he wasn’t over-bearing like some other famous people I’ve met. He didn’t have to hog the spotlight. He looked comfortable taking in the whole scene and having conversations with most of the folks in the room.

I took the opportunity to hand him a copy of my book. I was particularly pleased to give Branson Creative Capital because both he and Georges Doriot are quintessential mavericks. They both pushed business and technology into new frontiers and they both know how to put on a good show. In fact, when Harvard Business Press was creating promotional material for the book, they actually compared Doriot to Branson. So it was fitting that Sir Richard was the first influential person that received a copy of Creative Capital.

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