Creative Capital Joins the Google Economy

There are so many options to consider when marketing a book. And I don’t have enough time–or money!–to do all the things I would really like to do. But there is one idea that I keep coming back to: search engine marketing.

If you know anything about technology or business for that matter, it’s that search engines have become a major marketing force. Companies buy and manage tens of thousands of keywords every day because they have learned that search engines offer a very precise and targeted way of marketing–more precise and effective perhaps than any other marketing tool that has ever existed before.

So why not apply search engine marketing to my book? Well, last night I killed 20 minutes before the Memphis-Tennessee game setting up my first Google AdWords campaign. I couldn’t believe how easy it was. I researched a bunch of keywords using the Google Traffic Estimator, which estimates how much it will cost you if a person clicks on the ad tied to your keyword. I ended up buying 10 keywords, including the obvious ones such as Georges Doriot, American Research and Development and venture capital history, as well as a few less obvious ones. And then I created the text ad that will appear on the right hand side of the search results page.

Here’s what my ad looks like:

Save 34% on Amazon Book
Creative Capital: Georges Doriot
and the Birth of Venture Capital

It felt really neat actually becoming a practicioner of the stuff that I write about on a regular basis. But because I am such a newbie at this I capped my monthly budget at $100. I’m not expecting a lot to come from my Google experiment but you never know. Fingers crossed . . .


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2 Responses to “Creative Capital Joins the Google Economy”

  1. Vinit Nijhawan Says:

    Interesting had the same experience setting up Google AdWords last year. So far I have received $0! BTW am excited about your upcoming book. It is about time someone wrote about Doriot. I have blogged about him….

  2. spencerante Says:

    Hi Vinit,
    Thanks for posting your comment.

    My AdWords campaign has actually generated 9 clickthroughs! I will be posting my first update on the campaign this weekend.

    Post the link to your blog. What do you for your day job?


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