Creative Capital Going to China

Great news on the book front. Last Friday my publisher notified me that I sold my first overseas translation rights!!!

To what country you might ask? China!!!

I think this is good news for two reasons. One, because it confirms one of the theories of my book that entreprenurism is becoming a global phenomenon. Two, because it suggests that there may be a global demand for Creative Capital in other countries.

Said my publisher Harvard Business School Press via email: “I am very pleased to let you know that we have licensed the Simplified Chinese rights of Creative Capital to Cheersbooks/CRUP …. The contract for this license was just signed this month, but please do keep in mind that translating publishers usually take anywhere from 9 to 18 months to publish their editions. Copies of the translation will be sent to us upon publication, and we will forward copies along to you as soon as we receive them from the publisher.”

I can’t wait to see my book in Chinese!

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