Why Sprint Nextel’s Customer Service is So Bad

Wanna see the gory insides of America’s worst customer service operation? Then read my new investigative feature “Sprint’s Wake-Up Call,” which takes readers inside the call centers of Sprint Nextel. It’s a whopper based on interviews with 12 current and former employees, U.S. officials, business professors, customers and reviews of court documents.

In the story, new Sprint CEO Dan Hesse also reveals for the first time his plans to turn around the company’s service rep. “We’re beginning to improve customer service already,” Hesse told BusinessWeek. “There will be a lag between when it improves and when the world knows that Sprint’s customer service has improved. There’s always a perception lag.”

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5 Responses to “Why Sprint Nextel’s Customer Service is So Bad”

  1. joe Says:

    im triing to find someone thats can help beat sprint, everytime we call to try to resolve our issue they always tell us that they dont see the notes from last time we called, and then when we call the next time they say their making notes and say that its being resolved. then they send us a bill2 months later, we call and they say we dont see those notes. its getting really old. if their is anyone who can help us w/ this please email me

  2. Pat Says:


    Request “Sprint Vision Pack” of charges $15/mo since 12/09/2007 be reimbursed.

    Bought a sprint phone for my daughter and requested the “Sprint Vision Pack” be kept off. Received bill around 11/2007 including $15/mo charge for this.

    Called Sprint on 12/9/2007 and requested it be turned off and they reimburse me. I assumed they did remove it. Noticed the charge was still on my bill on 8/2009.

    Called Sprint and requested a refund of these charges ($300) since 12/09/2007. Sprint acknowledged they had a record of my request on 12/9/2007, but said they could reverse charges only back 2 months.

    I asked for a supervisor and then a manager. Basically they said the same thing. Manager said there was a note tha I requested it be turned on, on 2/7/2008 – I did not. We never used this service because we assumed it was turned off as we had requested.

    I indicated that I had disputed the charge back in 12/9/2007 and never used it.

    Manager said she could only go back 2 months.

    The Sprint Manager was Donna; ID FA40281.

    I will not use Sprint in the future if this is not resolved to my satisfaction.

  3. Lisa Nickerson Says:

    I had the Sprint Palm Centro, and it apparently has some engineering defects that cause it to crash. I had 3 different phones, and the Sprint repair store. The repair store manager actually said, “I don’t care how long you have been a Sprint Customer…I am not here to please customers like you..” The workers were nice, but after 3 phones crashing, leaving me for a day or so each time without service, they “were not allowed to let me have a different brand of phone that was of equal value” which is appauling when the equipment obviously has manufacturing flaws/software flaws. I had to talk to Sprint customer service, as the Sprint Main store refused to help. About 15 calls and promises that after the 3rd device they could replace it with different brand of phone..then going back on their word, and telling me to wait until November (it was July), and then use my upgrade and BUY another phone at my cost. The other alternative they gave was to buy one at full cost (like $300 for a phone that would be like $60 with the upgrade). Finally after calling several times until I could get a manager let me use my upgrade early-even though the equipment they sold me was faulty-they “Let me pay for a new phone with the promise of the rebate” They mailed the Blackberry Curve to me after 4 DAYS WITHOUT SERVICE. Now they are making it impossible to get the rebate. They didn’t include the form…or instructions of what I need to have it all go thru. I asked them to send me the form, they said they would email it immediately..and didn’t. Called back and insisted that they help me with getting the rebate because my bill had an additionanl $250. They take money from you immediately, but resolve your customer service issues slow or not at all. I would pay money to never have to deal with Sprint again! They actually denied seeing notes that one person just saw before transfering the call. Then said “We don’t have to honor that…someone could promise you a million dollars in the notes….” But this promise was just to let me switch to a different phone since their Palm Centro is defective. I even had Sprint workers along the line admit that they knew people who had theirs crash, and went through several replacements. Before I pushed for a different model they said “Their policy is to send you another Palm Centro and maybe that one will work, or maybe it will work until you can upgrade in November.” I hope they go out of business for the dispicable customer service they give from the supervisors down!

  4. Steve Says:

    Sprint is the Ghetto Cellphone Service Provider…..aight?

  5. Windy hicks Says:

    People want the service they pay for so they dont need to call customer service. Not rocket science

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